Local Business Optimization

Search engine optimization is a local new and innovative SEO service that will help companies to succeed locally. The new trend of local search is becoming more popular and is proving to be beneficial for local businesses to get high exposure in the web world.

Currently, the major search engines (Google, Yahoo and MSN) are showing the search results of local companies in the standard lists. For example, if you want to search for local bakeries in Boston, just use the keywords "Bakeries in Boston" and get important results of the local company. Help local people with a view to local businesses.

Creative Sites can take your website in top position in most popular search engines in the most ethical and natural locally and internationally. We have an experience worthy of professional services Local SEO GEO. We will help local businesses to get the best return on investment in a cost-effective.

Almost 85% of Internet searches are handled by Yahoo and Google and therefore see the major local directories for our clients to Google Local and Local Yahoo.

Local Business Submissions include:
  • Yellow pages and local networks
  • Local directories and niche networks
  • Social and news sites focusing on local issues and neighborhood.
  • Maps and applications (Google Maps, Yelp, Yahoo Local etc.)
  • Business networks and directories.