Pay Per Click

Pay per click offers your business the visibility it needs to appear instantly in the area of paid advertisements in search engine results pages (SERP) like Google. However, managing multiple paid search campaigns in a range of search marketing platforms can be time consuming and labor intensive. PPC Optimizer provides centralized billing and access to each advertising campaign of a place. Determine your budget once and manage their PPC advertising campaigns with ease without having to log into the management console of each ad platform separately.

As a business owner, you are busy. You want to attract new customers, but never enough time to do marketing and running your business. Creative Sites makes it easier to reach more customers than ever. With PPC Optimizer, you will have the ability to improve quickly and easily your ad performance and increase their return on investment, with some simple adjustments based on best practices suggested qualitative and quantitative.

PPC Optimizer convenient, all in an interface that helps every step of the way, starting with a configuration tool useful. Automated alerts provide intelligent information and recommendations to ensure that bidding is high enough that your ads appear on the first page of search results - where people see them! A suggestion tool keyword lists the most popular search terms, the competitiveness of advertisers and the average search volume.

We go beyond traditional reporting PPC campaign that provides lead tracking and reporting on emails, form submissions, conversions and shopping cart traffic to your website generated by their ads. The result? A more customers. More sales opportunities. More control over their advertising dollars online.